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Our Services

SFR Seed is a full-service production and research farm. We manage the entire seed increase process from planting seed stock to cleaning, packaging, and shipping the final product.

We manage field trials from start to finish - site design and packaging to harvest, processing, and shipping.

Parent Seed Production

We specialize in soybean parent seed production from as small as three-foot, single row increases to 20+ acres. We have the infrastructure and rigorous standard operating procedures to ensure seed purity from planting to harvest to cleaning, packaging, and shipping.


Seed Cleaning & Packaging

An essential part of production is the seed cleaning process. In 2021, we break ground on a customized conditioning line to improve product quality and drastically reduce the risk of equipment contamination. Conditioned seed is packaged and labeled according to the specifications of the customer.


Every year, SFR Seed ships thousands of units of bulk harvest and conditioned seed to domestic and international destinations. We are experienced in customized packaging, inspections, and paperwork for several Central and South American countries, the EU, and Asia.

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Shoffner Farm Project 6-14 (71).jpg

Material Compliance

We work regularly with regulated and stewarded material. Our staff is well-trained in procedures to eliminate risk of unintentional release. In our 30+ of years of experience, we have never had an incident. Often, our standards are applauded during routine audits. 

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